Best E-Juice/E-Liquid of 2019

Best E-Juice/E-Liquid of 2019

We’re only a couple months into 2019 and there’s so many new and exciting things going on in the vaping community. From new flavors to up and coming brands, this year is going to be great for everyone who vapes! Whether you’re new to vaping or wanting to switch your flavors up a little, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to go from the tropical islands to grandmas’ homemade cookies and pies. Here’s a few great affordable E-Juices or E-Liquids that you might want to try out this new year in what we are calling the Best e-juice/e-liquid of 2019.

In the tropical flavor department of course, we have the Naked 100 e-liquids line. The flavor Lava Flow is a fruity blend of strawberry, pineapple, and coconut. This wonderful, potent tropical flavor will have you feeling like you’re on an island soaking up the sun and sea. Don’t forget, while also enjoying the beautiful clouds of smoke you’ll produce with a 70/30 blend. Since you’re already relaxing on an island, you should try Hawaiian Pog, also from the Naked 100 e-liquids line, to really make you feel like you’re on a beach get away. If you want the full tropical beach vacation vibe then Hawaiian Pog is the flavor for you. With it’s 70/30 blend and it’s fruity and flowery flavor, it will have you in vacation mode all day. There’s also Javelin, from the brand MOD Fuel. The flavor Javelin has a more tropical lemonade taste. Delicious lemon lime flavors, and a 70/30 blend, will give you that nice tropical mixed drink taste and island feel.

When it comes to delicious candy flavored E-Juices or E-Liquids there’s a couple that really give you those kid in a candy store memories. The flavor Mystery from company Air Factory e-liquid taste like a blend of all the fruity Jolly Rancher flavors into one great tasting juice. With a 70/30 blend it really packs a punch of that fruit candy flavor and satisfies your candy fix. Cosmic Fog also have a few flavors that are out of this world fantastic. Sour Melon is a sweet and sour licorice flavor that will make you feel like a Sour Patch kid. It’s sweet and sour taste will make you pucker up for more with a 70/30 blend. The flavor Chewberry, from Cosmic Fog, has a less sour and more sweet taste. The delicious jellybean like blend of fruits will leave your taste buds doing flips. Of course, with a blend of 70/30 it’s no wonder why people can’t get enough of this amazing flavor. Chubby Bubble Vapes are setting the bubble gum flavor bar pretty high with their fantastic bubble gum flavors. Bubble Purp is just one of the delicious flavors they make. This tasty grape bubble gum flavored E-Juice/E-Liquid has a 70/30 blend so enjoy blowing smoke bubbles throughout the day!

Now if you’re like me and love to drink coffee, these next flavors are perfect for you. Honestly, I think no list of the best e-juice/e-liquid of 2019 would be complete with it! The Kilo Moo Series e-liquid satisfies all your creamy coffee and milk cravings with their mouthwatering flavors. For all the coffee lovers out there the Kilo Moo Series e-liquid Coffee Milk flavor gives you that perfect morning cup of coffee and cigarette taste. The creamy coffee flavor of Coffee Milk is so rich and delicious. This 70/30 blend will have you charged up and feeling lovely all day long. Ultimo Vapor Co. also has a wonderful coffee flavor with a light twist. The Barista’s Blend is a flavorful light coffee juice with a nice creamy after taste. You won’t be able to resist this 60/40 blend as you blow clouds of fresh coffee into the air. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself reaching for your vape instead of your usual cup of coffee with these delightful E-Juice/E-Liquid coffee flavors.

Where’s all my dessert lovers out there? Love the smell of cookies, cakes, and pies baking in the oven? Love the taste of them even better? Well I know some E-Juice/E-Liquids that will make you feel like you just walked into a bakery with all the sweets you can eat! This company definitely takes the cake with their amazingly delicious juices. The Beard Vape Company definitely has a variety of baked good flavors to choose from. The Beard No.32 e-liquid flavor will fill you up with a cinnamon sugar cookie taste, leaving you with a sugar sweet after taste. This snickerdoodle like flavor has a 60/40 blend so you’ll be able to enjoy plenty of flavor and smoke. Another awesome flavor from the Beard Vape Company is called Red. If you love strawberry shortcake, then you’ll love this Red E-Juice/E-Liquid flavor. The strawberry and cream combination will have your sweet tooth satisfied, and with a 70/30 blend, you’ll be surrounded by warm strawberry clouds. For your milkshake cravings, you really should try the Beard No.24 e-liquid flavor, also from Beard Vape Company Imagine going to a diner and ordering a vanilla milkshake with salted caramel on top, that’s exactly what this flavor tastes like! It’s so delicious and has a nice vanilla caramel after taste. This 70/30 blend is definitely a flavor that won’t disappoint your taste buds or your sweet tooth. There’s other really great dessert flavored E-Juices/E-Liquids, such as, Fried Cookies & Cream from FRYD. Fried Oreos from the carnival are so delicious, and that’s exactly what this juice taste like. Getting the great fried Oreo taste without waiting in line is what this 70/30 blend is here for. Feel like you’re at the carnival with this comforting cookies and cream E-Juice/E-Liquid. We can’t forget about the flavor I Love Cookies Too by Mad Hatter. Want some chocolate chip cookies? This flavor was made for you. Warm chocolate chip cookie taste that melts in your mouth with a 70/30 blend for unbelievable smoke and flavor.

For those of you who prefer that smooth cigarette tobacco taste, I know some perfect E-Juices/E-Liquid you should try. WOW Vapor has that traditional tobacco flavor you’ll love whether it’s their Traditional Menthol flavor or the Traditional Tobacco flavor. The Traditional Menthol has a smooth tobacco flavor with a mint punch. This 25/75 blend will make you think you’re smoking an actual menthol cigarette. The Traditional Tobacco flavor, just like the menthol flavor, has that smooth tobacco taste without the mint. With this 25/75 blend you won’t regret getting this cigarette tasting E-Juice/E-Liquid. There’s also Bourbon Tobacco, from the Kohiba brand. The flavor Bourbon Tobacco is pretty much self-explanatory. This 70/30 blend is a nice smooth combination of tobacco with some fine aged bourbon that is perfect for the cigarette and a drink kind of day…or week.

Choosing an E-Juice or E-Liquid flavor can be difficult, with thousands of options to choose from, it can be hard. Hopefully, after reading this it will be easier for you to make a choice. The skies the limit when it comes to trying new things. If you don’t like a flavor, then you can always try another! There is a flavor out there for everyone. I hope you enjoyed and learned from this Best E-Juice/E-Liquid of 2019 list. Good luck finding your perfect flavor. May the rest of your 2019 be filled with love, happiness, adventure, and of course smoke.