Online Vape Store vs Offline Vape Store

Online Vape Store vs Offline Vape Store

In today’s marketplace we all wonder do I order what I need from an Online Vape Store vs Offline Vape Store. Well a few things need to be taken into an account before answering that question. The biggest question of them all is am I getting an authentic items when I purchase ether online or offline. The next is speed of service. Another might be how well do they stay in stock. What are the prices like on items you need? How is the customer service? If I have an issue how well do they respond? All these and more should be answered before making a purchase. I will try to go over some of those main topics in this blog that I hope you will find useful.

Pros of Online Vape Store

The pros of shopping with an   are plenty. First off you have a choice of many stores at your finger tips right from your living room. The next is if one is out of stock on an item you need simply click over to the next Online Vape Store and buy it from them. Normally this would take you an hour or two driving around town, so the positive here is apparent. Next would be easy viewing of pricing. Many Google results show if they are in stock and the price of the item before you click in the link. Well maintained Online Vape Stores do well by having structured data in their websites to allow you to view in stock status and pricing before clicking the URL. Since most storefronts have large overhead their prices tend to be higher when Online Vape Stores tend to be lower due to less overhead. All companies have a right to make a profit. However, I have seen many times were an offline store will buy wholesale and triple the price for the retail customer. That is price gouging. It is simply wrong to do that. Vapor Fiend was founded on the principle of affordable methods to quitting smoking. There is not an Online Vape Store that can beat their prices and in stock availability. Smoking is a habit that takes over 400,000 a year. Whatever method we use to quit we should quit. Vapor Fiend also has a no hassle return policy. They ether replace the item, get you a new item of similar value, or refund the money completely. Every company has an issue every now and again with a product. However, it is how they support their customer that says a lot. There is a small hand full of Online Vape Stores that have their act together and offer a valuable service. I think they are worth a look before making a purchase decision.

Cons of Online Vape Store

There are some downsides to purchasing times online. The first would be you don’t know how a vape will fit into your hand unless you can hold it. The design may not look exactly in person as it does in the picture. We have all been there. Facebook has a ton of these trades going on each day due to this fact. The next big deciding factor might be the time it takes to get the item in your hand. If you just broke your vape mod then you might need something fast. If you have the time to spare two to three days shipping might not bother you. However, a life with no working vape mod might mean a return to smoking. Thus you need it fast. This is the downfall of online shopping. Some Online Vape Stores do not have knowledge staff. This can come as a disappointment if you have questions before purchase. I would recommend staying with a vape company that tries to hire knowledge and kind staff. Especially when it comes to new vapers.

Pros of Offline Vape Store

As discussed earlier the major benefit to offline shopping is you can tell what it looks like and how it feels in person. You can get it right then and there if you like the vape mod or whatever you are thinking of purchasing. This will always be the advantage a store front has over the eCommerce space. You might have questions about the item you are looking at and often the offline vape store will have knowledge employees to answer those questions. However, often we find rude staff when walking into vape shops. Namely when someone is new to vaping. Let us all remember we were all new to vaping at some point. This is a person who is trying to quit a habit that will ultimately kill them if they don’t stop smoking. We need to be as helpful as possible in the vape community.

Cons of Offline Vape Store

The downside the offline shopping is often you pay a premium for getting the item here and now. Often in vape shops across the world you pay two to three times what the shop paid for any given item. This makes many vapers turn to online vape store for their needs. However, in a pinch when you break your mod by dropping it that means paying a lot. This is the biggest downfall to any offline store front. The day they get it idea of matching online vape stores we may be elated. Until then I think we need to consider all options.

In Conclusion

Always remember what we are doing in the vape community. We are trying to help each other quit smoking and stay healthy. Where ever you buy your items shop smart and stay the course of being smoke free. Your life depends on this choice. I know I have seen many friends and my father die due to years of smoking. If you chose the gum, the patch, vaping, or the meds just chose one that gets you to your goal. By all means find a way and quit smoking. Here at Vapor Fiend your online vape store we will always try to be the most affordable and courteous retailer for your needs.


-Mike McDonald

Vapor Fiend