Smallest Vape Ever? The E8 Vape Pod Kit Review by Rip Trippers

Smallest Vape Ever? The E8 Vape Pod Kit Review by Rip Trippers!


The smallest vape ever? The E8 vape pod kit review by Rip Trippers! The pod kit is about the size of a pinky finger. It is more of a mouth to lung device. 350mah battery powers the device. It comes in black, silver, and white. From a dead battery it takes 40 minutes to charge it to full capacity. 

1.2ml of ejuice pod that takes salt nic ejuice. You need to use the nipple tip containers to fill the pod. It comes with two pods and generally goes for $19.99 on the net. 

In this vape video Rip Trippers talks about the E8 Vape Pod Kit. The E8 Pod by Vapeants is the smallest vape kit I've ever seen! This vape kit comes with two refillable vaping pods that holds 1.2 ml of ejuice. The E8 Pod Kit is a perfect vaping setup for people who want to quit smoking and try vaping for the first time. The E-juice I was using in this Youtube vape review was a Nic salt eliquid called Lava Flow, which has a pineapple, coconut, and strawberry flavor profile.