Vape Store Online

Vape Store Online

What should be considered when shopping for our needs online? There are so many issues with clones when buying. Many companies have gone to the extent to add authenticity seals on their products. However, some people are selling their empty e-liquid bottles in eBay to people wanting to make a fast buck selling fakes. The whole thing is sickening. There whole purpose of vaping is to get off the cigarettes which are absolutely known to cause cancer and other health related issues. If you smoke cigarettes, they will kill you slowly. The end is not kind to life long smokers. Thus, the whole birth of the vaping movement. Let’s consider all that when we focus on this topic how to shop for the best vape store online.

The first and most important criteria that should be considered is authenticity. When we see that a vape store online has taken the careful steps to buy from reputable wholesalers this lends confidence to the buyer. This in my opinion is the largest single issue facing our community internally. An online vape store should always buy direct from one of two sources only. The first is the manufacture itself whenever possible. The second is authorized dealers whom buy direct from the manufacture. They can see the authenticity certificates when asked before purchasing. They can also spot check items they purchase by using the authenticity seal against the manufacture website to prove it is authentic. The second is making sure boxing seals are intact. This ensures that the customer on the gaining end will receive 100% authentic vape products. This is crucial to our industry success.

The next on the list would be to ensure you are getting the best price after shipping costs are factored in. Many times, when I buy online, I see a low price and then get sticker shock when at check out. Take for instance Element Vape has a $7.95 shipping cost on most purchases you will make. Most items I buy everyday are under $30 and that means I would pay an additional $7.95 at checkout for shipping. Vapor DNA is no better with a $6.99 shipping cost on most commonly purchased items. I mean how often do you buy e-liquid or coils? Now how often do you buy a $70 mod that would qualify for the free shipping? See where I am going with this? I like to play the long game when choosing an online retailer for my needs. Vapor Fiend offers free shipping on all orders $15 or over. That covers pretty much 98% of anything I might order today. About the only thing that would not cover is a vape kit cover, drip tip, and other small item. All of my common replaceable items like vape coils, e-liquid, and 18650 batteries are free shipping. The other cost factor is the item itself. Vapor Fiend sells most 60ml e-liquid for $17.99 and I think with free shipping that is a very good deal.

I believe the likelihood of the website being around tomorrow is next up in my line of importance. I have seen many fly by night vape shops online and offline come and go. We need support when things go sideways on a mod 3 weeks into owning it. I want warranty support from where I purchased an item. Most sites will tell me to speak to the manufacture. If the mod failed after one week of owning it that is an issue. The other issue is most of our devices are made in China. Let me just guess what they will say when I email them since I can’t talk to someone over the phone in China. I want a vape shop that will ether replace, refund, or give me store credit if a device stops working due to no fault of mine within a month after purchase. Most online vape shops will not do that for us. Thus, I put that on my list of important items when deciding on a vape store online to shop from. Support and if they will still be here in 90 days! Vapor Fiend has been around for over 3 years, so I feel comfortable with that. They offer replacement, store credit, or refund when something stops working within 30 days of purchase. I don’t get a hassle over it they just take care of it.

The shipping time frame and ability for the package to arrive safely is highly important to me. How many times have I purchase on eBay and didn’t get the item intact. The type of packaging is important to ensure safe travels. I also want the seller to ship within 48 hour so purchase. This ensures that I will get the item within 5 days of purchase. We need timely shipping and to get the product in one piece. Porch thieves are also on the rise these days. Not everyone has the Ring cameras to catch them. The best way to avoid this problem is to require adult signature for all vape items we purchase. This also solves a big legal issue. It prevents teen agers from getting vape items from a vape store online. If we don’t get a handle on this issue the FDA will shut us all down. The majority of us will return to cigarettes and that is not good for anyone! If we police ourselves and vape stores that comply with state and federal laws we will have an industry tomorrow.

Customer service is very important to me when things go wrong. I know that not all transactions will go by without error. However, when something does happen what do they do about it? How confident do they sound when I speak with them over the phone or email? I purchased an item off a vape store online a while back that never arrived. I called the number and they had no idea about the order. Then they said they tried to email me about them being out of stock. No one emailed me about anything! I need a retailer that will contact me right away when an issue comes up. I need a vape shop to be honest and ether offer a store credit, refund, or tell me how I will get my item as soon as possible. This is the mark of an excellent retailer. I get that high level service at Vapor Fiend. That is what we need when choosing a vape store online in my opinion.

In today's time when we can order from anywhere in the world for the things, we need it comes down to a few key items in choosing which one to go with. I need fast shipping and to get the item intact. I need solid customer support if I have any issues. I need to be sure all items I purchase are 100% authentic. I want the best prices I can find when choosing a vape store online. We need to be sure we are following all laws out there so we will have our vapes in the future. The FDA and other agencies are looking to shut us down we need to keep sharp and support vape shops that are on top of it.